Kavsar’s unique cuisine.

Uzbek cuisine is not notably hot and fiery, though certainly very flavorful. Some of the main spices we use are black cumin, red and black peppers, barberries, coriander, and sesame seeds. The more common herbs are cilantro (fresh coriander), dill, parsley, celeriac, and basil. Various pickled vegetables are served as a great accompaniment to main courses.

We do not use any frozen foods – we buy fresh ingredients on a daily basis from the local farmers market. Fresh Uzbek national bread is baked daily as well. In addition to delicious Uzbek meals we also serve Russian dishes such as the ever-popular soup Borsht, flavorful Beef Stroganoff and several other dishes.

Vegetarians and Vegans will also find plenty of choices on our menu.
We are open daily 11 am – 10 pm

We are a BYOB restaurant, so feel free to bring a bottle of your favorite wine, champagne or beer. There is no corkage fee!

In addition, we serve specially imported from Uzbekistan healthy, freshly brewed green and black hot teas, iced tea, made from scratch fruit punch, juices and a selection of soft drinks.

Kavsar brings the East to the West, using a fusion of diverse Central Asian flavors. Full of aromas and flavors dishes served in generous portions at very reasonable prices will satisfy any picky “foodie”!

We are certain your first initial visit will make you a regular customer. Delicious food served in a home-like atmosphere will definitely bring you back, again and again.

Locally Sourced Fresh Produce

We shop daily and buy from local businesses and farmers.
All our dishes are made from the freshest ingredients possible!

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Our Love for Food

Since 2013 we serve Pittsburgh residents authentic, freshly prepared Uzbek and Russian dishes. Healthy food is our motto; our dishes prepared using only natural ingredients and served according to the centuries old traditions.

Your satisfaction is our main goal. Make your reservation today to experience Kavsar’s unique cuisine.

Plov or Osh, the Uzbek version of “pilaff” (“pilav”), is the flagship of Uzbek cuisine. It is cooked in a specially imported from Uzbekistan cooking cauldron called “Kazan”. Plov consists mainly of fried meat, onions, carrots rice and combination of spices. Raisins, barberries, chickpeas, dry or fresh fruit added for variation. We serve our plov topped with green shallots. Yum!

Uzbek men pride themselves on their ability to prepare the most unique and sumptuous plov. The oshpaz, or master chef, often cooks plov over an open flame, sometimes serving up to 1000 people from a Single cauldron on holidays or occasions such as weddings. It certainly takes years of practice with no room for failure to prepare a dish, at times, containing up to 200 pounds of rice!

Mantı – large steam dumplings, more than most foods, is a delicious, juicy handmade dish. Paper-thin dough stuffed with chopped meat, onions and spices. Artistic folds cresting like the rim of a volcano exudes powerful aroma. Manti served with a special dipping sauce.

Tea is revered in the finest of oriental traditions. It is offered first to any guest and there exists a whole subset of mores surrounding the preparation, offering and consumption of tea. Green tea is the drink of hospitality and predominates. Black tea is preferred in the capital city Tashkent. Both green and black teas are seldom taken with milk or sugar. An entire portion of Uzbek food culture is dedicated solely to tea drinking. Some of these include samsa, bread, halva, and various fried foods.

The “Chaykhana (tea house) is a cornerstone of traditional Uzbek society. Always shaded, preferably situated near a cool stream, the chaykhana is a gathering place for social interaction and fraternity. Robed Uzbek men congregate around low tables centered on beds adorned with ancient carpets, enjoying delicious plov, kebab and endless cups of tea.

We are open daily 11 am – 10 pm